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I’ve been drinking about you.
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Did you know we’re actually NOT Nazi’s and there’s a lot more to our history than just Hitler? Did you know a lot of Germans were forced into supporting Hitler because otherwise the Gestapo would take you in the middle of the night and kill you and possibly your family? And that children were taught to tattle on their parents if they weren’t in support of the Nazi party? Did you know SS soldiers and Concentration Camp soldiers were actually executed for secretly sneaking food or helping the prisoners? Did you know a German made the first globe, first car, alcohol and mercury thermometer, electron microscope, the first freely programmable computer, the bunsen burner, etc? 
Probably not since you’re too busy insulting my country and only thinking of Nazis when you hear it’s name and calling me a Nazi when I say, “Yes I’m German.”
I’m not saying to forget the Holocaust and the war. I’m just saying you don’t need to bring that up when I say I’m German. If that’s all you know about my country, kindly shut up.

I’m not German, but I think this is very, very important and I’ll always reblog this. 
It’s a matter of respect. Judging a country, and a beautiful one too, for something their people couldn’t help is one of the most outrageous things I’ve ever seen. 
I am in the same situation. My country is more than Mafia. 
That’s because I demand RESPECT for all the countries in this world. 

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